Friday, June 26, 2009

Military USB Hubs

A site Gadget4All is offering 2 new USB hubs dedicated to military subject.

Airplane USB Hub, that include besides 4 USB port a propeller, which can make us as desktop fan (also there is on/off button). A price of wonderful gadget is  $14.00

Airplane USB hub

Airplane USB hub

Airplane USB hub and fan

A second device is Artillery Gun USB Hub, which include 3 USB ports and 3 seconds clear artillery sound effect. a price $12.00

Artillery Gun USB Hub

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Snoopy USB Hub (Flying Ace)

Boooooon!!! Snoopy come! Hub USB in the shape as Snoopy in the airplane will land in September 2009. Aboard: 3 USB ports, Snoopy fly emulation and sound.

Snoopy USB Hub

A price of Snoopy USB Hub is 4476 JPY (US$ 46).